As we all enter into uncharted territory, we come upon a moment when we must unite as a community in this historic moment in our lives. That said, the fashion industry not only has an opportunity to but has an obligation to use our craft and abilities to bring style of course, but most importantly safety and necessary resources to the people that give us so much. 

The fact is, we are running out of resources. Medical professionals are resorting to extreme measures to protect themselves - and to little success. They need our help. That’s the idea behind BWS+GWH. For every mask that is purchased, another will go to a medical professional working on the front lines to keep us alive.

**With increased order volume, shipping times may be delayed. We thank you for your patience as

we work as quickly and safely as possible to deliver your order.**

Each mask is hand made with 100% organic cotton and natural dyes. We suggest that

you care for your mask by hand washing it in cool water with mild detergent, and air dry. While fibers are saturated we advise gently stretching the fabric in all directions

in order to maintain form and fit.

Shipping costs will be added upon checkout.

We thank you for your support in this project.