The "Victoria" mask is one of our new favorites. Made from a cotton Spanish Lace over a nude silk crepe with a black silk lining, this is one very sexy mask. We know, it seems odd to use the word "sexy" in the midst of a pandemic. However, this is the world the live in. At least for a littlw while longer. and a lot of us are perking ourselves up by looking good. Still made with our Tri-Layer technique with a micro filtering bond. And still super breathable while being super protective and not giving up on Leighton W's luxury roots. Lets put a little sizzle back into fashion. Even if it is with a mask. Make "Victoria" your date night mask. Even if the date is as far as your patio.


As goes for all of our masks, we suggest gently handwashing in cool water and allow to air dry.

Victoria - Leighton W Mask

  • This mask begins to ship on July 27