Leighton W. began his professional life as a fashion model and ballet dancer and then entered the beauty and lifestyle industry. Within that 20 year period, he developed couture clothing brand, 'Leighton W. Couture.' His work in fashion took a surprise turn after it landed him as regular on-air talent for several daytime television chat shows​ and then as guest speaker for multiple nationally and internationally branded Speaker events.

It took a long time to figure out what path to follow and where they lead, but living through a pandemic allowed the time needed to listen to the past and present in harmony. The one constant in Leighton's life has been his ability to share and tell a story. And an insatiable desire to learn drives those abilities further. He met the fork in the road and made the decision to walk straight down the middle. 

"With as much as I know about myself, there is still so much I don't know about the world around me. And I want to use the rest of my time here, engaging with and learning from others. And if along the way I can share my stories and open the eyes of others, well, even fucking better."  -Leighton W