Come hang with Leighton W. on May 20th at Ivy Hall. Leighton Joins Tim Mcdiarmid and Jessica Conrad for San Antonio's inaugural FuckUp Night!

FuckUp Nights is a global movement and speaker series that shares the stories of professional failure. Each month, at events across the globe, 3-4 people stand among strangers to share their own professional and personal FuckUp. The San Antonio FuckUp Night is hosted by Wolfe + Wool #SharetheFailure #FuckUpNights

To access this event online visit the link below to purchase your ticket or leave a "Good karma" donation. This is a live event and we hope to have as many of you there as possible. So get the live tickets while you can. There are also virtual tickets available. For our live attendees, know that your hosts are aware that there is still a fucking pandemic happening!! So ... our lovely organizers are taking all precautions. If you are a garbage human, this event is not for you. Bring your soul, bring your empathy and bring your open mind and heart. 

Click here to get your ticket & FuckedUp with me!